What is PEO?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or International PEO is a company
that acts as an employer on behalf of other companies.
It provides Global employment Services and takes care of administrative tasks
related to hiring of an employee. The PEO provides a host of services
from drafting of employment contracts, managing employee's expenses
to taking care of exit formalities.

Hiring an international team working
remotely is really feasible now

We not only facilitate an easy and quick onboarding of the global workforce but also ensure that all the compliances relating to local labour laws are managed in a timely and efficient manner.

With our robust network across the world, we can help you with PEO services in more than 180 countries.

Expand your business in new geography quickly and economically

Any thriving business gets a boost with the global expansion. If you are planning to hire new members in different geographies, our experts will help you in achieving this quickly and in a cost-efficient manner. Our team can manage the global workforce including their payroll, perks, and tax liabilities, while you focus on your core business and the strategies.

You don’t always have to set up an Entity

You might want to talk to us and we will help you in understanding how International PEO can save you from the complexities involved in setting up a new entity. You will end up saving both cost and energy.

How Global PEO Works?

We help you generate employment contracts in compliance with local laws.

Setting up compliant payroll, managing time and expenses, protecting employee data – our professionals handles all of that.

We’re the legal employer, so we shoulder all risks and ensure our experts provides a compliant work arrangement.

The team member works for your company, and we support them with our local HR expertise.

How will you benefit from choosing PEO Services?


Companies get the flexibility to hire talent from anywhere in the world without setting up a Legal Entity in that country.

Faster Market Entry

PEO Services helps you to bypass the entire process of incorporating a business, which can be time-consuming.

Risk Mitigation

The foreign organizations can minimize their risks as the responsibility of compliance lie with the service provider.

Cost Advantage

You will end up saving up to 50% of your cost when you choose to move ahead with PEO and not set up an entity or incur a cost on managing it.

Access to Simplified and Fully Compliant Process

PEO remains abreast with all business regulations and laws and takes care of all the local labour law compliance. This also simplifies your documentary process.